Example 1

Pistol Makarov 9 mm - Detail Arsenal, Bulgaria
Manufacturer: On the basis of the country-specific mark, a 10 inscribed in two concentrical circles, and because of the serial number like $$ ## #### the weapon can be assigned definitely to the producer Arsenal in Bulgaria
Year: The pistol was produced in 1987 (1960 + 27 = 1987).

Example 2

Pistol Makarov 9 mm - Detail Baikal, Russia
Manufacturer: Inherently the serial number like $$ #### (with Cyrillic characters) allocate the origin Russia. The country-specific mark, a triangle with the signed high and circumcircle, demonstrate, the pistol derive from Izhmekh (later Baikal) at Izhevsk in Russia.
Year: Typical for Izhmekh the year of manufacture is marked on the weapon: 1973.

Example 3

Pistol Makarov 9 mm - Detail Norinco, China
Manufacturer: The only mark on the weapon is the serial number like $$######. That refers to the production in Russia or China. The common used grip with five stars from Norinco is missed. But there is no graved year of manufacture as Izhmekh (Baikal) usually do. Therefore, it is in all probability that the pistol is produced from Norinco, China.
Year: The typically used mark from Norinco, the number 56 inscribed in a triangle, is missed. In consequence of this, the weapon is as likely as not manufactured after 1990.

Example 4

Pistol Makarov 9 mm - Detail Armories Suhl, Germany
Manufacturer: The mark, a diamond with in-circle, and the serial number like $$ #### are clear facts for the fabrication at the armories at Suhl in Germany. - Even the black grip usually used by the armories at Suhl is a clue to the producer. Though, this part of the weapon can be changed easily.
Year: Both, the code "AU" in the serial number as well as the graved "61" document, the pistol is manufactured in 1961.