How Makarov is written and spelled correctly?

"Николай Федорович Макаров" - That means Nikolai Fedorowitsch Makarov written in Cyrillic letters. By using the transcription Russian alphabet it can be written as

The spelling "Maːkaːɻɒv" (IPA pronunciation key) is incorrect but can be used as approximation. In English there is no Russian pronounced "a", therefore I used "" but it has to be spoken shorter than usual.


Is it difficult to shoot a pistol Makarov 9 mm?

The pistol is relatively lightweight and has a moderate recoil. It is also suitable for smaller hands, the savety elements are easy to use and all necessary manipulations used with other pistols can be trained. Therefore, the Makarov is a beginner appropriate weapon.

An anecdote on this subject: Some time ago in an Internet forum a photo copied from this pages was posted. In the text the would-be shooter stated that he fired exactly this weapon. He described the recoil with "...kicked like a horse...".


Did Libya and Poland produce ​​Makarov?

It is repeatedly reported that Makarov pistols were produced in Libya, Poland, Hungary or other countries. Since neither such weapons nor pictures are available, it is assumed that Makarovs were produced under license only in Russia, China, Germany and Bulgaria.

An anecdote: A friend of mine visited the Khyber Pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1970. He told about the local gunsmiths who manufactured copies of weapons with primitive tools and often open-air. In all probability there were also produced Makarovs.


Is the Makarov armor-piercing, can bullets penetrate bulletproof vests?

Armor-piercing properties depend on the used ammunition and armor. The bullet must strike with as much energy, has to be as hard as possible and has to have a favorable shape for penetration. Therefore, 9mm Makarov is equal "armor-piercing" like any other similar caliber.


Increases a special weapon history the worth?

It is difficult to define the price for collectibles, it is dictated by the demand. However, the authenticity of the history is to verify. Some weapons were engraved subsequently to raise the price. Usually such forgeries are easy to detect by asking the correct questions. An example: 2013 the Russian Makarov with the serial number XE 5981 was auctioned for USD 5,500. The plastic grip was engraved with "CORONEL E.P./CARLOS DIEZ CANSECO/COMDT. FIDEL CASTRO/25-4-73", no proof of origin. This raises the question: Why used Fidel Castro the English spelling for the date (25-4-73) and not the Spanish (25.4.73)


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