Arsenal, Bulgaria

Pistol Makarov PM 9 mm 1987 (8 cartridges)
Pistol Makarov PM 9 mm 1987 (8 cartridges)

Company History

By a decree of prince Dondukov the plant "Artillerie Arsenal" was established at Rousse by 1878. The factory should supply the wants of the new created Bulgarian army. Until 1884 the production was managed by Russian officers. On February 28th 1884 Simeon Nikolov Vankov was appointed as the first Bulgarian director of the manufactory.

As ordered in the decree number 10 from prince Ferdinand, the plant dislocated to Sofia in 1891.

In 1924 by the decree of tzar Boris the III and by law adopted by the 21. Regular National Assembly the factory moved to Kazanlak. The name of the firm changed to State Military Factory.

On April 1st 1947 the factory became a self-supported economic unit per decree of the Council of Ministers. By decree of the Council of Ministers of December 30th 1948 the Military Plants in the country merged into a special state holding "Metalchim" and the State Military Factory-Kazanlak passed from the Defense Ministry to Ministry of Industry and Crafts under the name "Factory-10". (Therefrom the marks, a 10 inscribed in two concentrical circles.)

Once again by decree of the Council of Ministers of August 10th 1964 the factory was renamed to Unit Industrial Plant "Friedrich Engels". At the same time the factory adopted a new structure divided into seven independent factories.

Since December 5th 2000 the factory has become a limited liability company "Arsenal Ltd.".

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Arsenal Co.
100 Rozova Dolina St.
6100 Kazanlak

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